15 Proposal Ideas

If you are ready to pop the question, check out these amazing proposal ideas for some inspiration!

1. Go to a Significant Location.

Choose a special location such as where you had your first date, shared your first kiss, knew you were in love, or first said, "I love you."

2. Publish Your Very Own Love Story or Photo Album.

You can tell your story from the beginning and let your partner know why you love them, moments that have been significant to you, and why you want to spend the rest of your life together with them. You can even work the proposal into the book! You can find great resources, such as Solentro,  to publish your own books and albums online.

3. Purchase a Cameo message from their favorite celebrity.

OK...DON'T ask the celebrity to propose for you, but maybe have them lead up to you popping the question! Talk about exciting!!

4. Play a Game.

Whether it's a game like Headbandz or a scavenger hunt, using a game can be a really fun and memorable way to propose. Especially if you get friends and family involved! 

5. Create a Website.

Create a website to share photos and videos that tell your story. If you plan enough ahead, you could start recording sweet moments from your everyday life and have a professional video set to your favorite song. So sweet!

6. Hire a Chalk Artist.

Hire a chalk artist to create a beautiful mural! You can have the mural in a special location or even at your or your partner's home. It's a super cute, super creative way to ask your partner to marry you!

7. Have a Surprise Party with Family and Friends

Whether it's an intimate affair or a large affair, planning a surprise party is a great way for your loved ones to participate in your special moment!

8. Plan a Photo Shoot

Give your partner the gift of a couple's photo session...and a surprise proposal! Talk with your photographer ahead of time so they will know what to expect. They may even have some great suggestions! Proposing during a photo session is an amazing way to preserve the memory of that moment forever.

9. Create a "Memory Lane".

You can have poster-sized photos printed or lots of regular-sized prints hanging everywhere, detailing your relationship. You can have them leading down a path to the proposal site, or hung all over your home. Being surrounded by all your memories will be a really moving and beautiful way to propose!

10. Propose in a Photo Booth

Maybe a full-on photo session isn't really your style. Another super cute option for capturing that surprise moment for forever is to propose in a photo booth! Tell me that wouldn't be adorable...

11. The Path to Forever.

Similar to creating a "Memory Lane", you can create a path for your partner to walk down with signs leading the way to you. You can use inside jokes the two of you have, song lyrics from "your song", reasons why you love them, and more! Make it even more romantic with some flowers and candles, and choose a really gorgeous setting such as the woods or a garden.

12. Prince or Princess for the Day.

Arrange a whole day of pampering for your partner, or for the two of you to enjoy together! You could plan a special brunch,  a spa day, couple's massages, and a nice dinner! You can even find ways to keep it budget-friendly and do all of these things at home. A special day, all leading up to one of the most special moments of your life!

13. Propose at a Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens are impossibly gorgeous and romantic. That makes them a perfect choice for a proposal! Talk to the garden staff ahead of time and let them know your plans and ask if they offer any special ideas for proposals. 

14. Tour a Romantic Location.

This proposal idea is all about the backdrop! Choose a gorgeous setting such as a winery, a waterfall, a beautiful cave, or a historic site. Bonus points if the location is somewhere your partner has always wanted to visit!

15. Street Muscians.

This is a really sweet and intimate proposal idea! Arrange to have a street musician play your favorite song as you walk by. Maybe you sing along...maybe you ask your partner to dance...and once it's over you ask if you can spend the rest of your lives together.

Whatever you choose, or however you decide to propose, we wish you and your partner the very best! And a lifetime of love!

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