A Wedding Planning Checklist to Help You Through COVID 19

By Kate Bogner, owner of The Coordination Company in Charleston, SC

There are more things we have to think about while planning a wedding during a pandemic. Below are my top tips for planning a wedding and making sure you’re ready to have a Corona wedding. Get your checklists ready friends!

Collect COVID policies and procedures from vendors (especially your venue.)

It’s important to know what each vendor is doing to make sure your guests are as safe as possible. It’s also beneficial to know what they’re doing to make your day feel as normal as it can. Your venue is the one you should really be focusing on. Collect policies for your guests, venue staff, and your vendor team to make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to comply on your wedding day.

Make a plan for live streaming your event for those who can’t make it.

You can designate your or your fiance’s phone as the streaming phone and give it to a trusted guest who is good with technology and social media apps. You could also consider purchasing a tripod from Amazon for around $25 to make sure the stream is still and easy for your online guests to view.  Also, consider hiring a videographer/cinematographer to capture the day for those who weren’t able to make it.  

Plan on individually wrapping grab + go items and favors. 

Consider individually wrapping desserts or opting for individually boxed cupcakes instead of traditional slices of cake. If you’re going to be doing favors I would suggest placing them at each of the guest’s seats instead of placing them at a table to prevent guests from contaminating other guest’s favors. If you are going to opt for placing items on tables I suggest spacing them out to prevent guests from touching more than one when picking the item up.

Urge your guests to send gifts and utilize your registry for cash gifts instead of bringing cards.

You can kindly ask your guests to send any physical gifts from your registry directly to you instead of bringing them to the wedding. I’ve been seeing more and more of this as shipping is more efficient and easier to coordinate - now it’s an even better and more important time to go this route! You can also set up a honeymoon fund on your registry for guests to donate to instead of bringing a physical card to your wedding. Don’t worry, on many honeymoon funds, they can still leave a personalized and heartfelt note! If your guests do end up bringing cards, I would suggest utilizing a card box that can stay open all night to prevent guests from touching it. I also suggest purchasing an option that can be easily cleaned throughout the night. 

Have your hair and makeup team travel to you.

I always suggest this COVID world or not. It’s more important now than ever to have your hair and makeup team travel to you to make sure you aren’t exposed to potential germs in a salon setting

Hire a wedding planner.

It’s more important than ever to hire a wedding planner to be your advocate and team leader on your wedding day. A planner can make sure all your vendors are following protocols and safety guidelines as well as all of the other crazy details that go into executing a wedding. You can walk down the aisle simply focusing on marrying your best friend. 

Overall, I wanted to lend some advice on how to help manage your expectations and emotions as you are planning a COVID or hopefully post-COVID wedding. Be patient and ready for changes. I think we are all becoming very used to change these days. Mandates on everything from masking to capacity limitations seem to be changing every single day. Be ready for things to change with throughout the planning process (especially at your venue).

Your vendors should be going out of their way to follow COVID policies and safety guidelines despite your or their personal views on the state of affairs. As wedding professionals, they should be taking this seriously even if their personal views don’t align with the mandates. If a vendor is doing anything except being 100% compliant, it’s a red flag! It’s okay to consider forfeiting your deposit if anyone on your vendor team is unwilling to comply with COVID mandates.

Communicate any and all safety measures that will be taken by your venue and vendor team on your wedding website. This will give your guests peace of mind knowing you are doing everything in your power to keep them safe.

Support local businesses if possible on your wedding day. Local businesses need our help. Opt for ordering lunch or brunch from a local cafe instead of getting Chick-fil-A. Skip the Starbucks and grab coffee from a local shop! Add Airbnbs and local hotels to your wedding website as options for your guest’s stay! 

Your wedding day is going to be nothing short of beautiful and memorable! Think of the amazing story you’ll be able to tell your children and grandchildren. The world isn’t ending and neither is love!

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