Buying Off-the-Rack

Not sure if buying off-the-rack is for you? We can help answer your questions so you can find the best path to the dress of your dreams!

One of the first questions you may have when considering buying a dress off-the-rack might be...what is buying a dress off-the-rack?? Buying off-the-rack means you will be buying a pre-made gown and taking it home that day. There are a few options when it comes to off-the-rack dresses. Some may be overstock dresses. Some may be discontinued gowns. Some may be sample gowns (the gowns brides try on for special orders). Some may even be consignment gowns. All of these options are a great way to find high-end gowns at amazing savings!

When shopping for an off-the-rack gown, you will still need to take into account the time and cost for alterations. Also be sure to check for any damages or blemishes because those will be the responsibility of the bride, not the boutique. Even when shopping off-the-rack, you will still want to make a bridal appointment and work with a bridal consultant. A consultant can give you great advice on fit or any changes that you may be able to make to your dress in alterations.

You can find these gowns almost anywhere. Most bridal boutiques carry at least some off-the-rack gowns, even if they are more focused on special order dresses. And just because you are buying off-the-rack does not mean you will miss out on service or experience! You can still take your friends and family, walk the cat walk, and stand in front of all the mirrors. You will still look and feel like the queen and bride that you are. We highly recommend considering this option to find the gown of your dreams!

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