Choosing Your Wedding Attendants

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Choosing your wedding party is one of the most fun, but also one of the most difficult, choices you will make in your wedding planning. It can be hard to know who to choose and how to narrow down who you will include in your wedding party, but considering these tips can help!

The first thing you may want to consider is the size of your wedding. For instance, if you are having an intimate wedding with 50 guests, you may not want to have a wedding party of twenty. Also, consider the actual planning itself. The more attendants you have, the more planning and organizing you will have to do. You want your wedding day to go as smoothly as possible and it may be difficult to coordinate hair/makeup/wedding prep for several people. 

Consider including your siblings. Even if you have friends or other family with which you may be closer, it would be a nice gesture. And remember, gender does not have to be a determining factor! You can have brothers as bride's attendants or sisters as groom's attendants, or any combination that suits you!

Really think carefully about who you will ask before you ask them. Once you ask, it will be almost impossible to reverse your decision without some hurt feelings. Take a couple of weeks to think through your choices and try to imagine how planning, parties, and the wedding day will be with them at your side, and with all of them working together.

Try not to feel pressured to choose people that you wouldn't be comfortable with during this process. Just because you have known someone all your life or maybe they invited you to be a part of their wedding or you were roommates in college doesn't mean you have to include them in your wedding party. If you are only choosing a certain number of attendants and still have friends or family you would like to include in the wedding, consider choosing them for other roles. You will still need ushers and you can assign someone to help with your guest book, be an emcee at the reception, or have special roles during the ceremony such as special readings. In the end, make the decisions that will be best for you and your partner on your special day!

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