A field guide to getting off your knee.

      By: Timothy Quiles


Throughout life we encounter moments that are pivotal and hold a heavy impact on the life we live the day after. Getting married is one such event, and just like all the others it is wise to condition yourself to perform in a way that helps you walk off the field with a win. In this article we will highlight some tips and points of reference for you to really bring your A-game leading up to, and during your big day.

Don’t ride the bench - more conventionally you will have popped the question. Being realistic, the one lunge doesn’t win you the title of husband. Avoid checking out of the wedding culture you just signed you and your fiancée up for. This isn’t just a once in a lifetime party someone is planning for you, but an elaborate testimony of unconditional devotion that your family and friends will witness. Roll your sleeves up and get ready to dirty your hands.

Photography: Wynne Photography

Teddy’s Playbook - Just like ol’ Roosevelt ran the US, so should you conduct your engagement. Make strong gestures to help your fiancée i.e. a coffee run, showing up at a vendor meeting, or praising a decision she made that you like. And pick your battles (“too many flowers” isn't really a legitimate foundation for contest in wedding planning anyway). Don’t vocalize every irritation and wow them with unexpected support. In other words, speak softly and carry a big stick.

Throw that Hail Mary... A lot – Along with lots of fun, a wedding brings an abundance of brand new and quite unique hiccups and issues. This is where you make plays. Don’t offer your fiancée problems that need to be addressed, instead be ready to solve problems as they may arise. Sometimes the strongest support is removing a small stress. 

For Example:

Don’t -- “Honey, don’t invite Howard. He always smells terrible and keeps asking my aunt for cash.”

Do -- “I understand Howard means a lot to you so I called him and told him how important it is to us 

that he came and also to make sure not to ask around for any money.” 

Stay in the know – Pay attention to the details. While it may seem trivial to know all the details it speaks a language of indifference if you don’t. You know you care but this is how you show them you care.

The Dance – Far too many grooms neglect the first dance. And while you will read aloud your vows, somehow the haphazard waddling to and fro as you hold each other to that song we all keep hearing on the radio doesn’t seem to walk the walk. If you don’t know how to dance you should be the first to sign both of you up for classes and you should find a song without a reggae horn to dance to.

Heed these concepts and you’ll make for a good one. Congrats on the engagement and enjoy your wedding day!

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