Keeping Your Hands Ready for Their Close-Up

Think about how much your hands do for you. Now think about how often you pamper them. Our hands can really take a beating, leaving them rough, dry, and dull. During your engagement and wedding, you will be showing off those hands in person and in photos and we want to help you help your hands look their best! Follow these 5 tips for more beautiful hands you will be proud to show off!

Use Sunscreen

Hands are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when we think about sun damage. But our hands get a ton of sun exposure! This can cause the skin on hands to be damaged, dry, or even discolored. Use a sunscreen with at least an SPF 15 to help keep them protected from harmful rays.


Of course you will want to use hand creams and lotions throughout the day, but don't forget to use a nighttime moisturizer! Choosing a moisturizer or balm with hyaluronic acid will help keeps hands smooth and hydrated.


Using a gentle exfoliant on your hands will help remove dead skin cells and help your hands better absorb moisturizers. You can purchase hand exfoliants or make your own!

Use a Hand Soak

Hand soaks can have different ingredients for many different benefits, but almost all of them will help soften and smooth rough, dry hands. Hand soaks are another hand treatment that you can purchase or DIY!

Have a Spa Day!

Treat your hands (and yourself) to a spa day! You can have professional services such as a hand massage or paraffin wax treatment, or combine our suggestions with things like hand masks and glove treatments for a DIY spa day at home!

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