“The Wedding Collectives” Membership Agreement

The Wedding Collectives Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is between The Wedding

Collectives and its subsidiaries and you (“Collective Member.”)

The Wedding Collectives (“Collective”) is a formal gathering of individuals and businesses

focused on providing services to couples in regard to the planning of the couples’ wedding.

Accordingly, The Wedding Collectives has legal ownership of and authority over The Wedding

Collectives and its subsidiaries. Although participating with and benefiting as a Member of The

Wedding Collectives, Collective Member agrees to be bound by this Agreement and the

authority of The Wedding Collective as it pertains to the use of The Wedding Collectives’

website, social media accounts, and intellectual property.

Collective Member acknowledges that The Wedding Collectives is a digital and social media

platform for wedding-related content, products, businesses, and services. The Wedding

Collectives grants Collective Member access to its platform and audience subject to certain

terms, conditions, and membership fees. Collective Member understands and agrees that

regular contribution of content and engagement with The Wedding Collectives on social media

are important to the viability and success of The Wedding Collectives. Content is defined as

text, image, audio, and video.

Collective Member agrees that The Wedding Collectives is a membership organization and that

The Wedding Collectives retains the exclusive right to grant, deny, or continue membership

with any Collective Member. The Wedding Collectives retains sole discretion in determining

eligibility for membership.

Collective Member is responsible for payment of any required sales tax along with necessary

tax filings.

The Wedding Collectives Membership is on a monthly basis according to each Collective

Member’s joining date and not according to calendar year. Collective Member agrees to pay all

required membership fees. Collective Member further agrees to have a valid credit or debit

card on file to be automatically charged according to the then-current fees for the relevant

membership category in effect at time of charge. In the event of a change in the membership

fees, The Wedding Collectives will provide Collective Member with 30 days written notice of

change in membership fees. Collective Member may cancel membership at any time, but must

provide 7 days written notice of cancellation to avoid future charges. Fees will not be refunded

or prorated if membership is terminated by either party. Failure to pay required fees may result

in membership being denied, suspended, or terminated.

The Wedding Collectives provides a platform for wedding professionals, but does not

necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions, perspectives, or expressions of its Collective

Members. The Wedding Collectives holds full right, sole authority, and discretion to determine

what is and is not published on its site and social media accounts. All content is subject to

review and approval by The Wedding Collectives.

Collective Member agrees and implies to have ownership, authority, and/or usage rights to all

content submitted and published. Collective Member agrees to refrain from posting content

that is libelous, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, or defamatory. The Wedding Collectives

retains the right and sole discretion to reject content. Collective Member agrees to release The

Wedding Collectives against all claims, liabilities, damages, judgments, and expenses arising

from publication of Collective Member content. Collective Member agrees to hold The

Wedding Collectives harmless for any breach of agreement by other members of the Collective.

Collective Member grants The Wedding Collectives the right to distribute, promote, market,

and advertise using Collective Member’s identity, likeness, images, content, products, and

public information. Collective Member acknowledges and agrees that business results are

highly dependent upon individual member contributions and active participation as well as

overall product and content quality and appeal. Accordingly, The Wedding Collectives makes no

guarantees in regard to member experience or business results. 

Collective Member agrees to operate in good faith and not to engage in any practices or actions that would be 

deemed detrimental to The Wedding Collectives and its subsidiaries or to other Collective Members.

Services with The Wedding Collectives are only available to business entities and individuals at

least 18 years of age who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law.