Natural Elements for Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

Never underestimate the power of nature. Even when it comes to your wedding day style! Adding floral elements to your hairstyle is a beautiful, natural way to add a romantic touch to your special day. Here are some suggestions for including florals in your hair: 

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If you want add a subtle touch you can have your stylist garnish your locks with baby's-breath or strategically place some tiny blooms along a braid. These accents can sometimes be complimented with a modest tiara or a jeweled hair pin. It’s a great touch for weddings on the minimalist side or for outdoor weddings.


For those of you who are thinking of something more involved, consider asking your florist to help you create an accessory that contains each floral element you have in your bouquet that can be placed in by your hairstylist. You can attach them to pins or a hair comb to use with an updo, or half-up-half-down style.


If you really want your floral elements to stand out, you can opt for a full headpiece such as a floral crown or tiara. With a crown or tiara, you can use bigger blooms or even all greenery. This is a gorgeous look for a Boho wedding!

Flowers are such an elegant touch to such an intimate occasion and can make your wedding truly unique to your personality. It is a style that stands out and speaks loudly, and they are simply gorgeous. Not all flowers react the same to conditions, however. Pay close attention to what your wedding day is going to entail. Hot days can wilt flowers faster than you can get to the first dance. Your florist will have great information on how certain flowers will react to the conditions of your wedding day, and can help you by putting vials of water at the base of fixtures to keep them resilient and fresh throughout the day. Keep your hair stylist in the know about your ideas so they can be prepared and perform their best for you on your wedding day.

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