Planning a Long Distance Wedding

Planning a wedding from a long distance location can present unique challenges. Keep these tips in mind to help your process

go smoothly and take the stress out of your planning!

Keep It Simple

Planning a wedding is full of fun choices that can also feel overwhelming at times. Making these choices from afar can get especially daunting, so keeping things simplified can help keep the experience enjoyable for you and your partner. For instance: choosing a venue that provides linens or some decor options or using a "preferred vendor" team that has a reputation for working well together.

Hire a Planner from That Area

Consider hiring a wedding planner in the area of the wedding location that can be your eyes and ears. A wedding  planner familiar with the location will already have a relationship with professionals there and will have invaluable tips and suggestions for planning your big day. Your planner can also help you take virtual tours of venues, send pics of decor/flowers/favors, etc.

Take a Trip

If possible, plan on traveling to the area to meet with vendors and see the venue in person at least once before the wedding. Seeing everything in person is a great way to calm your nerves and help you visualize as you plan! It can also help you troubleshoot any issues that could possibly arise on the day of your wedding

Consider What You Can Do Locally

If you do want to have a little more control over some things, consider what you would be able to do locally. Would you be able to make favors yourself and take them with you? Will you be purchasing any special decor locally and taking that with you? And of course, you can still do the amazing tasks of shopping for your dress, wedding party attire, accessories, etc., locally! Just because your wedding day may take place in another location doesn't mean everything is hands-off until that day!

Plan for Your Guests

If you will be having guests coming from out-of-town also, make sure to check into group discounts for transportation and accomodations. Your wedding planner or venue should be able to help with some great suggestions.

Make a Wedding Website

Wedding websites are super popular these days, and this is one situation where you definitely want to have one! This will be the easiest way to make sure your guests are kept up-to-date with any plans, and will help you easily give them information about any of those group discounts.

Be Open

Being flexible is essential to taking the stress out of planning a long distance wedding. Planning a wedding from another location means that you won't usually be able to resolve an issue in person. Resolve ahead of time to be flexible and go with the flow. At the end of the process, the most important thing is the commitment you and your partner are making and being able to share that moment with your loved ones!

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