Timeline for Bridesmaids Dresses

You've got your love, you've got your ring, and you've got your girls! Now it's time to shop for dresses! Whether you and your bridesmaids are all in one place or far apart, we can help you understand and navigate the bridesmaid 

dress process!

First things first...choose dresses that are flattering for each bridemaid. You love your friends! So of course you want them to look and feel beautiful on such a special day. Mismatched dresses are trendy (one of our favorite trends, by the way) but even if you want everyone in exactly the same color, consider allowing different styles if something just isn't working for everyone. 

Unless they are buying off-the-rack, each bridesmaid will need to be measured to ensure that their proper size is ordered. If your dresses are being ordered from a chain boutique, then bridesmaids can hopefully find a location near them and go in to be measured. If not, then suggest going to a seamstress or tailor to be measured, or provide your bridesmaids with directions on how to properly measure and recommend that someone help them.

Even though bridesmaid dresses rarely need alterations as extensively as a bridal gown, some alterations are usually in order. It's usually something very simple such as being altered for length, or to be better fitting in the waist, shoulders, or bust. Make sure that bridesmaids know to take the shoes and undergarments that they will be wearing the day of the wedding with t​hem to their fittings to make sure everything works perfectly.

You will want to check with the dress company or boutique and get a date by which they will guarantee you will receive your dresses, and you want to make sure that dresses will be in around 3 months before the wedding. You will want to have alterations begin around 3 months before the wedding and be finished by around 4 weeks before the wedding.

While you are shopping and choosing and altering, don't forget to make time to enjoy this process with your friends! Remember that there are amazing memories to be made, and not just on the day of your wedding!

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