Tipping Etiquette for Your Wedding Vendors

Are you obligated to tip your wedding vendors? 

The success of your wedding day will largely depend on the competency and hard work of the team of wedding vendors you put together. Your vendors will work hard behind the scenes far more than just what is seen during the ceremony and reception. So while tipping may not be an obligation, it will be well-deserved and much appreciated! Check out these tipping suggestions and consider them when making out your wedding budget:

Hair & Makeup Artists

You should absolutely tip your hair and makeup artists. The customary tip is 15-25% of the price of the services and this should be given once they have finished, whether at the salon or on-location.

Wedding Planners

Planners do not typically expect to receive a monetary tip, but if they have gone above and beyond and you would like to tip, then consider tipping 10-15% of the cost of their services. 

Photographers & Videographers

Photographers and videographers also do not usually expect to receive tips, but we recommend tipping $50-100. They have one of the most physically demanding jobs of the day and it would be a wonderful way to thank them!

Live Musicians

We say definitely tip live musicians! It is customary to tip musicians $20-25 per musician.


You do not typically tip an officiant that belongs to the clergy, but rather give a donation to the church or organization to which they belong. For civil officiants, consider tipping $50-100 depending on what, or if, there was a charge for their service.


We recommend a $5-10 tip for each delivery or set-up person.

Catering and Event Staff

Catering and event staff gratuity is usually factored into the price you pay for the catering services, but double check to make sure yours has included this. If not, expect to tip around 20% of the cost of catering.


Bartendending gratuity is also usually included in your package, but make sure that is true for the service you hire. If not, you can tip 20% of the liquor bill and, alternatively or additionally, allow guests to leave tips for them at the bar.


We recommend giving the DJ a $50 tip.

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