Tuxedos: Should You Rent or Buy?

The first decision to make in choosing whether you will rent or buy a tuxedo is...do you want an actual tuxedo or would you prefer the look of a suit? After you choose what look you are going for, you need to consider your budget. Renting can be more cost effective if you will truly only be wearing your wedding attire once. But if you will be wearing a suit and you wear suits to work, or if you would wear your suit or tuxedo to any other events, it may be worth looking into purchasing your attire. Rentals can cost around $200 and will include your shirt and some accessories, while buying a suit or tux can cost anywhere from $300 to around $1000 and you will still have to buy the shirt and accessories. Even if you will be wearing a suit, many boutiques offer suit rentals these days. A suit or tux may not be as extravagant as a wedding gown, but you don't have to settle. In fact, if you do choose to rent and your budget allows, you could choose a very high-end tuxedo! There really are so many options now to build your own look and stand out on your big day.

Something else to consider is if you will be wearing the same thing as your attendants. If so, renting may be the better option. This can help ensure that everyone has the same tux or suit and accessories. It also prevents your attendants from buying something that they would never wear again. 

Lastly, you need to think about the fit. Rentals will come in an array of sizes and usually accommodate simple alterations (like hemming sleeves or pants) but if you truly want a sleek, tailored look, you will want to purchase your own suit or tux. That way you can have it completely altered or have one custom made. This can be especially true if you have less typical measurements. 

Whichever option you choose, make sure you are comfortable and that your attire makes you feel like a million bucks! It is your wedding day and you deserve to look and feel amazing!

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