Unique Wedding Send-Offs

One of the most popular wedding send-off ideas of all time is the sparkler send-off. And for good reason! Sparklers are fun and make for beautiful photos! But maybe you are looking for something a little different. Well, we've got you covered! Pick one of these great send-off ideas or use them as inspiration to create you own! 


Streamers look great for photos! You can choose to do lots of bright, bold colors or have them match you wedding palette.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a beautiful option for throwing at a wedding send-off. Especially for a day wedding. You can go with flowers that match your arrangements, or choose something altogether different!

Leaf/Nature Confetti

Nature confetti is an adorable and sustainable send-off option. And if you are making it yourself, it's an extremely affordable option!


Balloons can be a fun, playful option! Choose an LED option for gorgeous nighttime photos, or traditional helium balloons for an indoor send-off option.


Depending on the time of year, releasing butterflies is a gorgeous, whimsical way to send-off newlyweds. Make sure to do your research on ordering and care leading up to the release to make sure butterflies are a good option for you special day.


Bells are a sweet, vintage option for a wedding at any time of the year, and especially during the holidays!


It doesn't get much more exciting then fireworks, right?! Just be sure to use a professional service or check local ordinances to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely!


Waving branches is another affordable and sustainable option for a beautiful and unique send-off. And they will perfectly match the season of your wedding! Choose beautiful blossoms for Spring, evergreen branches for Winter, colorful leaves for Autumn, and edible berries for Summer!

Silly String

Who doesn't love silly string?? Silly string is fun for everyone and guaranteed to give you a memorable send-off!


Another adorable, super fun option! Pom-Poms are generally inexpensive and color-customizable, so consider using them in your send-off!

There are so many awesome options for wedding day send-offs. Choose one or mix-and-match to create your unique and memorable end to one of the best days of your life!

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