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Wedding hashtags are a creative way to share news and memories surrounding your big day. They can create a lot of hype leading up to your wedding, and help guests be more involved and feel like a special part of your day. But as this trend continues to grow, it can be more difficult to choose the right hashtag for you and your partner. Usually, a wedding hashtag will be a play on the couples' first or last names. You can keep it simple (#DaltonWedding2020, #SydneyandBradGetMarried)  or make it fun (#TheSmithsPutaRingOnIt, #NewSmithsOnTheBlock). 

If you can't come up with one on your own, ask friends or family to help. You could even have a contest to pick the best one! Another option is to use a wedding hashtag generator. Generators can give a lot of generic or weird options, but if you keep trying most will eventually have a few good options. Be sure to proofread your chosen hashtag, and capitalize the first letter of each word for clarity.

Use your hashtag on every post you can leading up to your wedding to get the word out about your hashtag. You can even post it on your wedding website, or include it on your save-the-dates! On your wedding day, make sure to have your hashtag displayed in a few locations around your venue. Some great places to display it would be on a place card on each table, at your photo booth, or on a sign for guests to read as they enter the venue. 

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