What To Do If You Are Sick on Your Wedding Day

Tips to get you through your wedding day while enjoying it as much as possible.

Getting sick on your wedding day is a nightmare scenario, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world! Of course, taking precautions leading up to your big day is a must. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and sleep, and staying hydrated. Wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer with you at all times. You may even want to consider taking a daily regimen of zinc, vitamin C, oregano oil capsules, or other immune boosting vitamins and herbs. But in the event that you still end up sick on your wedding day, here are some tips that can help!

Don't Rush

Give yourself breaks and time to rest during the day. Do your best to notify guests that things may be delayed, and don't stress about the time. Try to fit a nap in where you can, if possible. Perhaps while the bridesmaids or groomsmen are getting ready you can lie down for a bit or maybe soak in a warm bath.

Common Cold

There are plenty of over-the-counter remedies for the common cold. One of the best things you can do is start taking extra vitamin C or some elderberry syrup at the first sign a cold is coming on. If you are feeling really bad around the time of your wedding, you can try taking a non-drowsy pseudoephedrine such as Sudafed, or DayQuil. Herbal teas and broths can also help you feel better and have immune boosting benefits. And if you are sneezing or have a runny/stuffy nose, make sure to use soft tissues with lotion to avoid having a red, raw nose.

Stomach Virus

If you are having nausea, you can consider treating it with over-the-counter medications such as Dramamine, Emetrol, or Pepto Bismol. If it's serious enough, though, you should call your doctor and possibly get a prescription for Zofran or Phenergan. It is important to note that most of these medications can make you extremely drowsy, but it beats having to carry a bucket with you down the aisle! Try to remain hydrated. Sometimes sipping some peppermint tea or ginger ale can also help with nausea, as well as eating a few saltine crackers. If your stomach virus is of the bathroom persuasion, you can consider over-the-counter medications like Imodium or Pepto Bismol.


Tylenol works wonders for fever, but be extremely careful if you are taking any other medications that contain acetaminophen. You can overdose on acetaminophen which can lead to severe liver damage. 

During the Event

There are other things you can think about doing if you find yourself sick on your wedding day. Consider shortening the ceremony. Make sure you notify your photographer so they can make a game plan to help you get your couple and family pictures done in a timely manner. Find a place to rest during the reception and make appearances as you are able. You can also leave your reception early and let your guests party on.

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